Tom's training is as vigorous as most extreme athletes "competitions".  Toms dedication is driven by his passion and willingness to put himself and his body through "extreme" physical and mental conditions. Ativan Online Pharmacy


Tom completes the rigorous challenge of the California Paddle at the border of Mexico and San Diego.


The Tom Jones Foundation is a registered 501c(3) non-profit organization.

Tom Jones is called an "extreme" athlete.  But when people hear what he has accomplished, more often than not, they ask if "extreme" is an "extreme" enough word to describe him. 


He has run the length of California several times--at a pace of a marathon (26.2 miles) per day.  He has also run from California to New York at the same marathon per day pace.  That's right... 120 consecutive days... 26.2 miles per day.  Make that 121 consecutive days, because when he arrived in NY, he competed in the New York City marathon, and finished in under four hours.  In 2003, Tom ran a marathon, and followed it up by competing in a sanctioned Muay Thai kickboxing match, which he won by KO in the third round.  To make a long story short, "if it can't be done, Tom will do it".


In 2007, Tom set a World Record by stand-up paddle boarding the entire length of the California coast (1,250 miles) with "California Paddle", to help raise awareness for the "plastic pollution" in our oceans.


Tom successfully completed the Endurance Island challenge where he biked then ran (134 miles each portion), then stand-up paddle boarded around the island of Oahu (over 200+ miles) to again bring national and international attention to the seriousness of "plastic pollution" in our oceans.


Why are Tom's endeavors so extreme?  Because, Tom has an extreme passion for troubled youth and environmental causes, and staging extreme events is his way of drawing attention to, and raising funds to eradicate the negative issues that will affect our future.  He will literally do "whatever it takes," and his efforts have motivated tens of thousands of people to exit their comfort zones and become active in youth-oriented social and environmental issues.


* In 2008, Tom traveled to Baghdad to help inspire and motivate our troops.  He was extremely well received and the troops were encouraged and inspired but his presence and support.


* In 2009 Tom will be challenging himself to “Big Waves for Safe Kids”. For every 20’ plus wave that Tom can catch and document, 10k will be split between his Tom Jones Foundation, and Safe Surfing Foundation .


* In 2010 Tom is planning to break his own World Record by Stand-up paddle boarding from Key West, Fl to New York City.  It’s around 2,800 miles which is more than double his current World Record of 1,250 miles he set at the California Paddle Challenge in 2007. There are certain anti-depressants as well as antifungals and other medications which can cancel out the effect of the Alprazolam, which is why it is important for your doctor to know what exactly you are taking. Because there are certain side-effects associated with taking Valium, it is important to know what they are before starting on it. This medication is taken orally and the dosage depends on the severity of the condition as well as the age of the patient. Once you stop taking Finasteride the hair loss will start all over again meaning you will also lose all of the hair that has regrown. Some of the more severe side-effects of Ambien include swelling of the face and throat as well as difficult breathing. This medication is able to reduce pain from headaches by affecting the production of serotonin in the brain as well as certain nerves which can play a role in migraine-related pain. imitrex.html. A recent scientific study proved that Glucophage assisted those who had recently been diagnosed with schizophrenia to lose weight, once they were prescribed a anti-psychotic medication. This ceases DNS and protein synthesis. website. In any of these cases you should consult with a medical professional to see what the problem might be. click here. Seizures can range from very minor to severe, and Klonopin is just one of the medications which is commonly prescribed to those who suffer from this problem. Clonazepam.


We encourage you to read on... to explore the remainder of this web site, and to challenge yourself to EXIT YOUR COMFORT ZONE, and care for the welfare of the generations to follow.

"Together we can achieve greater goals"

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